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Meet the Artist

One of my main goals as a painter is to tell a story.

I see my clients as my collaborators and I want to know what is your story that I can help express through my artwork.

In my past projects I have worked with small businesses across Toronto to bring life to their spaces through unique mural art, combining traditional influences with street art graffiti. I also love creating live art for weddings and events. There are few things more satisfying than successfully capturing a moment and commemorating it through a live painting. 


No matter the varied medium of my art, a common denominator is that of beauty and passion. I use my work to tell your stories. With each painting I hope to reach the more vulnerable, optimistic and romantic inner-chords so many of us have in common.

Toronto mural artist and painter. Creating unique mural artwork for indoor and outdoor walls.
MONDAVI WYCHWOOD OC22-152_edited.jpg
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