"When I was younger, deriving joy from simple things came so effortlessly. I was in a natural state of awe and everything seemed novel. These days I need to remind myself to lift my gaze and actually look around, see things from those younger eyes.

Eyes unobstructed by false expectations or disappointment.

They saw beauty with the clarity of near perfect vision."

About the artist

Natasha is varied in every respect. The product of which is a celebration of colour and dynamic ideas splashed on equally diverse mediums and canvases.


Russian-born, Israel-raised and Canadian transplanted; Natasha has informed her art through a combination of raw feeling and formal training. She creates through digital concept art, captures nuance on canvas, experiments with street art and live painting. No matter the varied medium, her common denominator is that of beauty and passion.

Natasha's art calls to the more vulnerable, optimistic and romantic inner-chords so many of us have in common.


Artist interview


The studio

Natasha creates and works in Toronto, Canada. 

When she's not painting at her studio, working on commissions or painting live, Natasha works as a contract artist in the field of Animation. Working on TV productions for Teletoon, Nickelodeon, PBS and Discovery Kids.


Her recent professional projects include collaborations with Indie bands, book publishers and Canadian film makers. Natasha is a top finalist in the Canadian nation-wide 2016 & 2017 painting competition ArtBattle and a Toronto live painting champion. 


Natasha Dichpan Art