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Firstly, thank you for being here - it is thanks to people like you who appreciate art that I'm able to do what I love! My name is Natasha and I've been painting since I was old enough to hold a paint brush. As an immigrant, my childhood was a melting pot of different places, cultures and inspiration. I believe those formative experiences still shape my art to this day.

For me, painting isn't just putting color on canvas; it's a form of meditation. It's how I center myself, heal, and connect with others. There's something magical about sharing that moment when a brush meets the canvas.
My mission? To weave stories into my art. Your story, in particular, is waiting to be brought to life, and I'd love nothing more than to be the one to do it. Just let me in on the tale, and I'll work my magic to craft something beautiful and meaningful.

My work combines traditional influences with modern art and bold colors to create a style that is distinctive and engaging. 
As a professional artist I've worked on some amazing projects, including mural artwork for the City of Toronto and various local businesses.
And weddings and events? Don't even get me started! There's something incredibly special about live painting. Capturing those fleeting moments on canvas feels like freezing time in the most wonderful way.
No matter the varied medium of my art, a common denominator is that of beauty and passion. With each painting, I hope to reach the more vulnerable,
optimistic and romantic inner-chords so many of us have in common.

                                                                     Natasha Dichpan
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what my clients say...

Toronto Ontario traditional painter
"Natasha created a beautiful piece of art for my husband's birthday that now proudly hangs in our living room. The process from start to finish was enjoyable and efficient. Thank you again, Natasha!"

Events and venues where I got to paint and create...

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As a live artist and as a muralist I have painted for many brands, companies and fundraisers. In addition to painting all over Toronto I've gotten to travel across Ontario and Canada for projects, with Vancouver being one of my favorite places I got to work at to date. Each event that I take on I approach with enthusiasm, passion and professionalism. I hope to travel to new places in 2024 and 2025 and see where my work takes me!

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