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Live Wedding Painting

My goal as wedding painter and artist is to capture the feeling of excitement, love and nuance of your special day on canvas!

The Experience

Imagine having an artwork that will capture and commemorate your special day as a couple for many years to come. Whenever you will look at it, you will be reminded of things felt and experienced that day.  As a painter I have over 15 years of experience, but nothing compares to the artwork I create for my wedding clients. Each artwork has to be unique and bespoke to the couple. It has to reflect their identity as individuals and as a union.

The Process 

When choosing an artist for your wedding painting or event, it's important to pick an artist whose art style speaks to you most.
When I work with my clients I make sure to provide guidance and clarity every step of the way. I provide a preliminary sketch, that fleshes out the painting I will be creating on the day of. The sketch stage is when I find out the client's needs and vision, if they have one or if they are open to suggestions. 
Once the sketch is approved then we can proceed to event day, knowing that we have a solid painting plan in place. Next stage is the fun part: the live art!

Portfolio of Wedding Live Art

Live Art Packages


Live Principal

24 x 36 inch canvas

3 hours of live painting

final painting finished & handed off at the event

Option pricing: $1500


Live Classic

30 x 40 inch canvas

5 hours of live painting

final painting finished & handed off at the event

Option pricing: $2500


Live Grand

36 x 48 inch canvas

5 hours of live painting

plus studio time if needed (up to 1 additional day)

final painting finished & delivered to client after the event

Option pricing: $3500

All materials are included.

Prices are not including travel fees and applicable taxes.

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