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Live Wedding Guest Portraits

Updated: Feb 20

Let's talk about Live Portrait Illustrations for Weddings and Events!

What is live portrait sketching? Wedding Guest Portraits is a unique live art service I've been working on and it's been getting popular for various events, but specifically as wedding reception or cocktail hour entertainment.

You can see here the digital illustration I am creating of three lovely wedding guests and compare it with the reference photo;


This service is available as both digitally drawn and printed illustrations or as hand drawn and professionally painted.

I prefer to do my hand drawn portraits with ink and watercolor, but other mediums such as markers or pastel pencils can work as well.

Live portrait illustration Toronto
Live portrait sketches for weddings

Beautiful and unique Live Watercolor Guest Portraits will bring a one of a kind experience for you and your wedding guests.

Live guest sketching is a great way to entertain guests and memorialize your special day. Not only do you and your guests get a keepsake portraits forever as a guest favor, but it's an experience for you and your guests to enjoy seeing a moment captured in real-time on paper.

To inquire about this service, please feel free to reach out and get in touch!


Painted by Natasha

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